What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? They Can Spoil Your Vacation!

When my wife and I ordered a room in four-star hotel in Turkey near seacoast, we did not expect to find bed bugs there! The pests would spoil our vacation entirely, but we did not let them. Here’s our story.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like and How We Detected them?

When we arrived and were en-suite, we did not see any pests in our bed. The next day, me and my wife had a few red spots on legs and arms. We thought it might have been allergic reaction to new foods, but accidentally saw a bed bug crawling on a wall. After that, we inspected mattresses and linen – there were lots of insects! What did we see? What do bed bugs look like?

The first thing to do was calling a receptionist. When she saw what was happening, she promised us to find another room, which, unfortunately wasn’t done – all suits were reserved or occupied. All we had to do was trying to fight with bugs ourselves.What do bed bugs look like

How We Suppressed Infestation in Our Suit

Although hotel staff couldn’t help us with moving, they agreed to take all linen and wash it. We were given some kind of folding beds to sleep on, while mattresses and beds were treated.

We bought some herb sachets to keep bugs at bay – they hate smell of lavender, lemon, cinnamon and other plants. But these seemed to help only at the beginning. Then we searched for insecticides, and found a Pyrethroid spray in the nearest home depot (which was, by the way, far from our temporary dwelling). We did everything according to the instruction, and sprayed it in:

  • around the bed, under it, and on its edges;
  • inside closets and wardrobe (we put all clothes out);
  • where furniture touches the floor;
  • crevices and discreet places;

After that, bug population considerably decreased. They stopped biting us at night, and we didn’t see them. There were one-two bugs noticed on walls, but generally infestation almost stopped. We used the spray once again, and ventilated the room properly.

When hotel staff learnt that we used pesticides, they were discontent with us. We explained that there was no other way out – no alternative options was offered for clients. The last four days of our vacation we tried to spend out of suit, because bed bugs seemed to come back slowly.

When we were leaving the hotel, we asked administrators to eliminate bed bug infestation in their hotel, which was done – they thanked us for warning them a few months after.

Of course, our vacation was slightly spoiled by bed bugs, but pesticides helped – I think, this is a more effective and safer solution than any home-made remedy. But before reserving a hotel suit, be careful and read reviews.